We are the voice that represents veterans everywhere and defends their rights and benefits. Our representatives stand for veterans every time. 
The VFW’s legislative initiatives center on quality of life and health initiatives for all the nation’s veterans, past and present.
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The Senate, Military, and Veterans


New Jersey:
Signed into law:

P.L.2018, JR.10. Designates October 3rd of each year as "Sergeant Dominick Pilla and Corporal Jamie Smith Day" in New Jersey. Approved 10/3/2018. (SJR75/AJR129)

 P.L.2018, c.77.  Requires public utility to charge veterans' organization residential rate for service delivered to property at which veterans' organization primarily operates. Approved 8/10/2018. (A837/S2446)

Passed 1 chamber but not yet signed into law  (VFW still advocating passage of these bills.)
Legislative Priorities :
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  • A2162/S2450 (Allows person on police officer or firefighter eligible list who is unable to complete requirements for employment due to certain military service to have name placed on subsequent eligible list.)
  • A1567-A4018/S1907-S1822-S1640(Expands eligibility for veterans' civil service preference; creates additional preference benefits.)
  • A2556/S1956 (Provides civil service preference to military service members who did not serve in theater of operation but received campaign or expedition medal.)
  • A3493 (Authorizes school district hiring preference for veterans.)
  • A2175-A3455/S1908-S2538(Makes persons with New Jersey National Guard service and NGB 22 form eligible for certain veterans benefits.)
  • A697/S898(Makes annual compensation paid to surviving spouses of certain blind or disabled veterans payable from date of veteran's death.)
  • A4017/S2115(Provides spouses of military service members with gross income tax credit, up to $500, for professional re-licensing fees incurred upon relocating to State.)
  • A855(Provides free tuition at public institutions of higher education for surviving spouses and dependent children of military personnel killed in performance of duties.)
  •  A697/S898(Makes annual compensation paid to surviving spouses of certain blind or disabled veterans payable from date of veteran's death.)
  • A2172/S1513Provides for increase and annual adjustment in allowance paid to war veterans with certain service-connected disabilities.)
  • A435(Increases personal needs allowance to $50 for recipients of Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income who are veterans or spouses of veterans and provides for annual cost-of-living increase in allowance.)
  • A3591(Excludes bonuses for reenlistment or voluntary extension of enlistment in armed forces from gross income.)
  • A783/S2153(Establishes grant program for homeless veterans shelters.)
  • A2165/S2143(Grants credit against business income taxes to developer of rental housing reserved for occupancy by veterans.)
  • A2965/S1104(Criminalizes purchase or possession of firearms ammunition by persons convicted of certain crimes.)
  • A2986/S1088(Authorizes COAH to credit municipalities with 1.5 units of fair share affordable housing obligation for each unit of transitional housing occupied by a veteran.)
  •  A698/S1737(Establishes task force to study issues facing returning members of the United States Armed Forces and New Jersey National Guard and make recommendations on how State should address issues.)
  • A1943/S2199(Makes desecration of a military monument a crime of the third degree.)
  • A3842/S2666(Makes General Fund supplemental appropriation of $50,000 to DMVA for air quality studies to support campaign for award of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jets at 177th Air National Guard base.)

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