The Department of New Jersey is committed to supporting deployed NJ National Guard troops and the families at home.
Districts & Posts are strongly encouraged to participate in this important mission.
Adopt-A-Unit FAQ
The Adopt-a-Unit Program assists in building relationships between the VFW and our military members.

VFW Posts work with unit commanders and senior enlisted personnel to develop supportive relationships with units before, during and after deployments. We offer a vast network of free resources and a variety of direct support for military members and their families.
Who is Eligible to Adopt-a-Unit:
VFW Posts
VFW Auxiliary
Combination of Both

Why you should Adopt-a-Unit:
To support your local military members and their families. As VFW/Auxiliary members, you 
understand the challenges military members and their families face and the support they need.
To help connect military members with the vast network of resources the VFW has available.
Conducting Adopt-a-Unit activities is a great recruiting opportunity.

How to find a military unit:
Contact your local National Guard, Reserve and Active-Duty units.
Fill out the form below and the Department in coordination with the NJNG will find a unit to adopt.

When to adopt a unit:
There is no time like the present and our military members and their families need your 
assistance now more than ever. Your assistance is equally important whether the unit is home or deployed overseas.

What kind of activities should you plan:
Popular examples of Adopt-a-Unit activities: 
  • Family Days - VFW understands the importance of family to the military member and their mission.
  • Welcome Home & Deployment events. 
  • Holiday events 
  • Meetings and Support Seminars
  • Community Projects- Annually VFW posts donate $ 48.2 million dollars and their 8.6 million volunteer hours to community activities. 
  • Direct assistance- lawn care, auto repairs, renovations to help accommodate a newly wounded service member.

And much more…….
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